Did you know that HealthSil is having a profound effect on Arthritis?

The stories are mounting from all over the country regarding the beneficial effects of HealthSil on sufferers of arthritis.

You are welcome to read them in the Testimonials section as well as some we have added here.

Please note that there are hundreds of testimonials and reports on what this is doing for people and has done, the world over, for more than 50 years.

We share these real life experiences with you because they outshine so called scientific reports. Yes we have scientific reports on how Silicon Dioxide builds bone and collagen etc, but just as so many people are mislead into thinking that if they take calcium it will help with their bone issues only to discover that calcium on its own has the bare minimal effect on our health. But when it is accompanied by Silicon Dioxide, which is what HealthSil is, there is a superbly greater bioavailability of calcium to the body.

Here are just a few testimonials to assure you of the efficacy of HealthSil…

Hey Dave

My early experience with HealthSil was that it left me very tired in the middle of the day but I realised it was a reaction to the detoxing effect on my system so I continued to take it. A strange thing happened which I am happy to share. I run 10km each morning and have always had a bad knee which required that I half straighten my leg when bending to avoid the pain and porridgy feeling. After just two weeks of being on this powder I can now  bend fully at the knees and rise again without pain. This is really great because although my wife is a Doctor we have not been able to effectively do what this powder has done. Thank you very much.


Norman, Durban

Hi Dave

I just want to express my heartfelt thanks for making me aware of Healthsil. I have suffered for years with pain in my shoulders and have been forced to have cortisone injections once a month to cope. After being on this powder for two weeks I am amazed to have NO PAIN at all. I am also sleeping a lot deeper and waking up with renewed energy. I am also benefitting in more personal ways but I wish to keep this private.

Wally, Durban

Read Charlene Rowley’s story here…


Feel free to search Google yourself to ascertain how much relief this product is bringing to people all over the world, just type “arthritis diatomaceous earth” into google and see for yourself.

Dear Sir

Thank you for your powder HealthSil, after two weeks taking this powder my knee pain is gone and I also have much more energy, do not need to sleep as much as before. My sister also will be writing to tell you of how she has thrown away her pills for joint pain because of this powder.

Mildred Mkhize

Umlazi, Durban

Dear Dave

Just to report about healthsil if you want to put that on the site, in 2006 I had an ear operation since then have suffered from pressure headaches, gone to bed with them woke up with them. It was just my way of life adjusting to this constant pain . They told me its nerve damage so I must just live with it, nothing they can do. It is a pleasure to wake up now with no pressure I can move my neck with ease.no tightness. My balance in the morning was really out I couldnt walk straight, had to hold onto the wall till I balanced out? Also my blood pressure was always normal till the op. Since the operation they could never get it down, my blood pressure is down for the first time in 6yrs.. Also my arm with the work that I do suffered badly at night now its fine the pain has really gone from 100% down to 30% amazing... I am really amazed at this product and that it has helped me this quick (10 days)... Thank you..

Lynn Chambers, Cape Town