HealthSil for Lung Problems...

When you have lung problems you are only too aware of the dangers and suffering this causes.

Besides doing everything in your power to fix
the problem, you may also consider the beneficial
effects of silica or DE Diatomaceous Earth, known
as HealthSil in South Africa.

Here is a report taken from:

Emphysema results from a loss of elastin in the lung alveoli.

This allows them to stretch out, but they do not rebound back. We generally lose elastin with age anyway due to declining stomach acid, which inhibits the absorption of nutrients required for the formation of collagen and elastin. This is further aggravated by using antacids, acid blockers, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide (lime), calcium carbonate; including coral, dolomite, and oyster shell, the use of alkaline waters, etc.

The primary nutrient needed for elastin formation is silica, which has to be converted in to orthosilicic acid to be absorbed. The presence of stomach acid increases this conversion and thus absorption. Good sources of silica include bamboo, butcher's broom, nettle leaf, seaweeds, and purified (food grade) diatomaceous earth. I don't like horsetail grass (shavegrass) for a silica source since it also contains nicotine.The other essential nutrient that should be supplemented is vitamin C. Use natural sources such as watercress, nettle leaf, acerola, amla, rosehips, and berries.

These are a lot more effective and stable than the synthetic ascorbic acid commonly sold in stores.

I also recommend supplementing with gotu kola, which helps stimulate collagen and elastin formation