Do you suffer from bone-related health issues!

One of the most well known advantages of Silicone Dioxide is that, together with its trace elements calcium and boron, builds bone, connective tissue and cartilage. It also stimulates the osteoblast cells which are the “factories” producing collagen.

Understanding just what these facts mean within the human body, it is no surprise that it effectively works to mend those areas in your body affected by lack of collagen, calcium and silicone dioxide.

How do we relate this knowledge to known issues?


Joint pain




Bone fracture repair


Read the extensive information at this link and remember that whilst these experiences are in the USA the product they use is referred to as DE or Perma Guard which is HealthSil!

What the DE does for Gout, is it breaks down concentrated protein. When your body has a problem digesting the concentrated protein it forms Uric Acid which settles in your joints (usually always the same one) and causes lots of pain. I have not had a Gout flair up for over 18 Years since I started taking DE.