Cosmetic Benefits of HealthSil...

One of the major actions of Si02 (Silicon Dioxide) is that it stimulates the osteoblast cells in the body and
has already been stated elsewhere on this site and hundreds of others worldwide, these cells are the mini
factories in your system responsible for production of collagen. Collagen, is the basic building blocks of skin,
hair, nails, bones and sinew tissue to name but a few.

It follows therefore that feeding your osteoblast cells with the proper minerals they require to produce
collagen, it will impact positively on the health of your skin, nails and hair.

We do not make statements without having substantial records to corroborate these claims and who better
to tell us of the success than real people who actually experience the benefits.

See below some of the testimonies…

Tips for use on the skin:-

To use HealthSil as a face-pack or even a healing balm, mix with pure coconut oil until a smooth paste is formed.

Apply liberally leaving on for as long as convenient (whilst watching TV etc.)

This same mixture can be used as an extremely healthy alternative to toothpaste.

See this link which describes the benefits of pure coconut oil…

We can assist with pure coconut oil at a reasonable price, send us an email -

My story…

In short, I have been Gluten-, Soy- and milk intolerant for many years. I am also allergic to some nuts.

I have suffered from diarrhea and irregular bowel movements for many years. It has been very difficult, inconvenient and embarrassing. I always had to be so careful what I eat. I could never eat out because the food might contain some of these allergens.

And my reaction was very fast. Within 30 minutes I had to run. I always felt tired as well.

I decided to try HealthSil which a friend recommended.

After about 2 weeks I had regular bowel movements with very low odor.

In my case, I had a craving for HealthSil. I ate it dry straight out of the tub. I really like the taste of it.

Initially I experienced pimples and knee pain while using the HealthSil, but it cleared up after about six months.

I am not healed, because once I stop taking HealthSil, the old problems surface again, diarrhea. But I use this everyday now and have no problems.

Before I started using HealthSil, my fingernails used to be very brittle and broke easily, with an uneven surface. Now my fingernails are very hard and thick, growing very well! I believe it to be an indicator of good health.

My mouth also has a clean taste now. The bad breath taste is definitely gone.


Charmaine, Nelspruit