Do you suffer from skin problems?

One of the most well known advantages of Silicone Dioxide is that, together with its trace elements calcium and boron, it builds bone, connective tissue and cartilage. It also has a wonderful effect on skin, hair and nails due to its ability to stimulate the osteoblast cells responsible for collagen production.

In nature, silica/silicon is found everywhere there is a need for structural flexibility, strength, resilience, and elasticity. It is no different acting as the body's master builder or glue that holds us together and is present in almost every single cell. The silica mineral is especially present in fast-growing cells such as hair, skin, nails, and all major connective tissues.

In appearance, silica, a perfectly symmetrical crystalline-honeycomb structure, has the uncanny capability to bind and retain moisture inside the skin's layers keeping the body well hydrated. This promotes the skin's ability to metabolize nutrients and excrete unwanted environmental toxins and avoiding dehydration (arguably the #1 cause of aging/disease). The skin is the body's largest organ and is the only element exposed to both our external and internal environments in which we live in. In order to have healthy, glowing vibrant skin, silica must be present throughout the body along with sulfur, zinc, and vitamin c.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding silica's fundamental ability for prevention of disease and maintenance of health and longevity. As you will read, silica can simultaneously offer therapy both within and without, it plays a precarious role in creating equilibrium throughout our bodies, providing essential production and renewal of life-giving oxygen we all breathe every second of our lives. Even better, silica was instrumental in creating the very first step which made the development of life on our planet possible.

Read the rest of our incredible silica mineral resource site to see why Silica (and it's useful forms like diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid) will soon be crowned be the supreme antioxidant mineral for life-long super health.

So here are some of the skin problems aided by HealthSil with reference lnks to reports and testimonials.

Lupus -

Lupus -

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