These testimonials are freely contributed by users of HealthSil because they are excited to share their experience for your benefit.

If you, like so many of us, are skeptical, then the question is, will you continue to ingest chemicals that truly have not worked while costing a fortune and accompanied by harmful side effects?

What will it take for you to try this natural 100% organic, essential mineral supplement?


Will you say, “I am so desperate, I will try anything”

Start now, why suffer needlessly?

Testimonial from Minnie in Durban …

Thanks Dave,

As you know, I have started giving my dogs Healthsil as the female has hip dysplasia and most probably some arthritis. Before she started the Healthsil, she would go upstairs (we virtually live upstairs apart from the kitchen) and would take a lot of coaxing for her to come down again unless its for food. Now, a few weeks after she started taking Healthsil, she is definitely much more active and follows me up and down the stairs several times a day.

People just can’t believe that there is such a low cost, easy way to be rid of pain. Even my maid now stands when she does the ironing whereas before she had to sit down.

Thought that you would find all this very satisfying about the product that you sell.



Lynn Chambers in Cape Town...

Dear Dave

Just to report about healthsil if you want to put that on the site, in 2006 I had an ear operation since then have suffered from pressure headaches, gone to bed with them woke up with them. It was just my way of life adjusting to this constant pain . They told me its nerve damage so I must just live with it, nothing they can do. It is a pleasure to wake up now with no pressure I can move my neck with tightness. My balance in the morning was really out I couldnt walk straight, had to hold onto the wall till I balanced out? Also my blood pressure was always normal till the op. Since the operation they could never get it down, my blood pressure is down for the first time in 6yrs.. Also my arm with the work that I do suffered badly at night now its fine the pain has really gone from 100% down to 30% amazing... I am really amazed at this product and that it has helped me this quick (10 days)... Thank you..

From Dawn Connell in Durban...

I started with very high blood pressure about a year ago and my doctor was extremely worried. I didn't feel anything in particular so didn't thing it was all that serious. After trying a couple of different tablets which I had adverse reactions to, he put me on S3 Co-Pritor 80/12,5. This helped a bit but in a month still not enough to be out of anger. The next one added was Adco-Bisocor 5mg. This again helped a bit but not enough.

Finally he added Prexum 4mg. This brought it down, with the second reading a bit too low. I felt tired all the time, my feet swelled a lot and I developed a dry tickle cough like an allergy. I had read about the HealthSil - it all made Sense and decided that I would try it without any expectations and an open mind. I started the first dose on1st March 2012 - a tablespoon morning and evening. My blood pressure was 142/63 with the tablets. It had come down from 190/140. The accepted healthy BP is 120/80.

The first week I detoxed and didn't feel all that good, but as the days passed I began to normalize. The following is the progress:

1/3 142/63, 13/3 134/60, 16/3 162/85 I stopped the third pill. (Prexum)

18/3 144/63, 24/3 139/60, 27/3 138/61, 4/4 127/66, 9/4 155/70, 12/4 143/80, 18/4 141/59, 25/4 140/60 I stopped second pill (Adco-Bisocor )

2/5 157/75, 4/5 142/60, 6/5 134/66 Cut Co Pritor to 1/2 tablet

10/5 158/67, 16/5 147/70

Other noticeable changes have been some hair growth on the top of my scalp. It was very thin - I always thought it was genetic but now it seems it was a mineral deficiency.

My nails were paper thin and are a lot stronger. My feet are less swollen.

I decided to put 1/8 teaspoon mixed into my cats' food. Two of them, mother and daughter had the same skin problems. Thin fur, dry scaley skin patches which were itchy. Both of them have improved amazingly and the fur is thicker, no patches, and the skin no longer scaley.

So far I am really happy with the results I have had up to now. I continue to take a tablespoon morning and night as I feel that it has taken many years for my body to get into the state it is in, so it will take longer to clear all the problems

Barbara Hahn in Durban...

Hi Dave

Must tell you that two days on HealthSil and I have had the best 2 nights of solid sleep in years, looking forward to spreading the word.

Mildred Mkhize in Umlazi, Durban...

Dear Sir

Thank you for your powder HealthSil, after two weeks taking this powder my knee pain is gone and I also have much more energy, do not need to sleep as much as before. My sister also will be writing to tell you of how she has thrown away her pills for joint pain because of this powder.

Rhoda in Durban...


I want to tell you about my friend in Cape Town. She has had diarrhea badly for a very long time and has spent a fortune on doctors visits and medication. Whilst on a visit to her I mentioned the Healthsil and she decided to try some of mine which I had with me. In a few days she was normal. I returned home to Durban and a few days later she phoned me to ask if she could get a tub of that powder because her problem was returning as she had run out of the little bit I had left for her. Please can you send me another tub for her.

Many thanks, Rhoda

Linda Smith in Durban...

Hi Dave

I was very skeptical when you showed me this powder and have had it tested by a good friend of mine. He reported that it has virtal “energy” and so I decided to start taking it. In a very short time I have noticed that the sensitivity of my teeth has lessened considerably. This has plagued me since the time my kids were born 27 years ago. I am really impressed, thank you so much.

Norman in Durban...

Hey Dave

My early experience with HealthSil was that it left me very tired in the middle of the day but I realised it was a reaction to the detoxing effect on my system so I continued to take it. A strange thing happened which I am happy to share. I run 10km each morning and have always had a bad knee which required that I half straighten my leg when bending to avoid the pain and porridgy feeling. After just two weeks of being on this powder I can now  bend fully at the knees and rise again without pain. This is really great because although my wife is a Doctor we have not been able to effectively do what this powder has done. Thank you very much.

Regards, Norman

Wally in Durban...

Hi Dave

I just want to express my heartfelt thanks for making me aware of Healthsil. I have suffered for years with pain in my shoulders and have been forced to have cortisone injections once a month to cope. After being on this powder for two weeks I am amazed to have NO PAIN at all. I am also sleeping a lot deeper and waking up with renewed energy. I am also benefitting in more personal ways but I wish to keep this private.

Anonymous in Durban...


I would like to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of my story. My wife has suffered from terrible bowel problems for too many years. She was so constipated and when she did have a movement it resembled little balls like a buck. She has complained almost every day about the pain and discomfort. WELL, after two days on your powder, WOW, is all I can say. I do not wish to be crude but what came out of her was frightening and amazing. She is unblocked and is evacuating normally. I truly cannot believe it! Thank you very very much for helping my poor wife!

More Testimonials collected over the years...

1. My friend was bitten by a spider on her left upper arm. Was very unpleasant and painful with swelling, redness, gland under her left arm, resulting in no sleep. Amazing healing results obtained, when I treated my friend's arm with a solution of Healthsil mixed with ointment which when applied to the bite gave her almost instant relief!! Two days later the arm was back to normal...........

2. My pet dog was stung by a swarm of bees whilst I was at work during the day. Numrous stings all over her face, resulting in extensive swelling of the eyes, nose and tongue. Arrived home at 17h30, I immediately mixed a teaspoonful of Healthsil with water into a plastic syringe and dosed the dog as well as mixed another teaspoonful of Healthsil into her food wet food. Within two hours, the swelling was better and the dog could open her eyes day the dog was 100% normal.............Healthsil, absolutely remarkable!!!

3. An elderly gentleman who was visitng his friend over the festive season arrived in an awful state of ill health, suffering from skin cancer on his head, tips of ears, nose, hands and pretty badly on other parts of his body. He also suffered from Gout. Discussed the benefits of Healthsil with him and he immediately bought the powder and proceeded to take the Healthsil on a regular basis. Also treated the open sores on his skin with the powder daily. After a week the terrible discomfort of Gout disappeared and the sores started healing. When the elderly gentleman was due to leave 6 weeks later, he had healed completely and looked the 'picture of health'!!! Amazinag powder......Healthsil!!!!

4. I was involved in a head-on collision 9 years ago. Obtained extensive internal and external injuries to my head and body. After several operations and some years later, I was still suffering the after effects of that horrific accident (in spite of wearing my seat belt), experiencing lower back pain, both knees badly hurt, discs in my neck pushed out of alignment, disc in my middle back cracked, Asophagus burst and in shreds requiring four laser operations and a stent later, have been on Healthsil for one year, am enjoying a much better lifestyle and can actually walk without pain!!!! In fact, I lead a very active lifestyle and am totally self sufficient.....thanks to Healthsil....and that's not not taking all those Chronic medications anymore!!!!!

5. I was unfortunate to become involved in a fierce dog fight, which resulted in being bitten very badly on my right arm (a deep wound)....had to be stitched up and given injections and anti-biotics. Had to go to the doctor daily to have the wound cleaned and "dressed". On the second day, I had a high fever (38 degrees), bad swelling of the hand and arm, redness and a swollen gland under my right arm spent a very restless night. Doctor cleaned and 'dressed' the wound again and gave me another injection and told me that he would have to cut-away some of the wound as it it started discolouring. I told the doctor that I was not going to have a piece of my arm cut away and that I would go home and treat the wound myself. Went back home and lay down to try and rest for a while. By midday, I got up and removed the dressing, cleaned the wound again and applied a solution of ointment with a half teaspoon of Heathsil powder and made it into a paste form, which I applied to a piece of gauze and plastered it onto the open wound. By that same evening, I noticed the fever and swelling had gone down and I was able to get a full nights rest..........within a week the wound was almost closed and the discoloured skin was healed and a normal colour again.........needless to say, I kept treating the wound daily with the paste containing the Healthsil and I was able to return to work again...........thanks to the healing properties of Healthsil (on the inside and outside)...........!! The scar is barely visible!!!!!.........Incredible Healthsil.....

6. Although, just a brief statement I'd like to mention, is that during the one year that I have been taking the Healthsil organic supplement, I have been truly cleansed of all the harmful toxins I was carrying around in my body for so many years, which made me feel constantly tired, uncomfortable bloated feeling, had reached the weight of 71kg (far in excess of my normal body weight of 55kg). Having taken the Healthsil for the first 3 months at 2 heaped tablespoonfuls in half of glass of fat-free milk on an empty stomach in the morning and another 2 heaped tablespoonfuls in the early evening two hours before supper, I have shed the excess kilograms and am back to a size 34!!!! Feeling like a million all the compliments from everyone who sees me!!! Without even dieting and exercising!!!!....Unbelievable..............

7. My daughter is 8 years old. She has been dealing with stomach issues since Feb. 2011. She missed 6 weeks of school because she was in so much pain. We had to bring her to the hospital a bunch of times. She was so constipated. The doctors had her on 4 different meds. From laxatives, to meds to take before a scope was done to clean her out, we put her on strict diet, on and on.
She ended taking Motrin or Tylenol for pain. She was still in pain and no one could give us when it will stop. Meds provided short temp solution. She has been on DE (HealthSil) for a week.
She has made a 100% turn around. Her bowels are better, her stomach doesn't hurt she is sleeping through the night not waking up in pain, she is functioning so well!

International Testimonials...

G.M., USA -

"Threatened with new lumps and bumps this past summer, always leery of fresh symptoms due to my on-going challenge of lymphoma, I decided to do a bit of experimentation with my own health with this innocuous substance. I took a tablespoon of DE with liquid (juice, smoothies, or water) about three times a week, and to my amazement the chickpea-sized lump that had arisen on top of my head completely disappeared. The silver dollar-sized lump on the side of my neck vanished. And whatever was impeding passage of colon contents was dramatically cleared. With or without research, moderate use of the FDA-approved anti-caking, food-grade substance proved to be a vital piece of my health puzzle."

"I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this and be helped like I am. I tried diatomaceous earth, using about 3 heaping tablespoons in a cup of water, to appease my husband. He said it would be good for my hair. It doesn't taste bad, it actually is good. However a week later we were driving to the store; I looked down and noticed I had nails. I have bitten my nails since I can remember. I went out and bought polish. I could not believe how fast they were growing and the urge to bite them was no longer there. My hair was also thinning in front and it is now filled in. When my 25-year old sister was pregnant, she craved chalk. Her husband would actually go to the store and buy her chalk to eat. I gave her some of the diatomaceous earth and she loved it. She quit eating chalk and took the diatomaceous earth every day."

"I had cancer and a friend told me about a wonderful product called Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth. I started taking this product. Within a short time my cancer tumors began going away. I am now totally free of cancer and I feel great."

Testimony of Charlene Rowley, Lehi, Utah

I am Charlene Rowley, I am 60 years old and feeling great. I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth for almost three years. I started when I got arthritis in my right hand so bad my thumb went stiff and the pain went into my palm, fingers and started up my arm. My son gave me the Diatomaceous Earth to take he had heard it would take away arthritis and the pain. I didn't know what else to do. I knew my doctor would put me on painkillers and I don't like medication as a lifetime solution. So I started taking the Diatomaceous Earth. It gave me energy like I had not known for a long time. Within about two days the pain was gone and eight weeks later my thumb was back to normal use and has been ever since. I feel now if I would have known when I started what great results I would have gotten I would have taken two or three tablespoons a day, instead I only took one. My hand would have been useable much sooner than eight weeks.

While I was so worried about my stiff thumb I did not realize that it had taken away the inflammation in my stomach known as gastritis which my doctor told me I would have for the rest of my life if I didn't stop eating certain foods such as tomatoes, grapes, all citrus fruits, cabbage and all the foods in the cabbage family. Gastritis can be painful if you aren't careful how you eat. Oh, no fatty foods. I had many attacks. The first one because I didn't know what I had was very painful, the doctor almost put me in the hospital. Luckily for me the painkillers took away the pain. I got on his diet for me, but if I didn't watch carefully I did I did have some painful attacks. But miracles of miracles Diatomaceous Earth took away the inflammation for more than two years I have taken it, I can eat any of the above foods without any of the symptoms of gastritis. I had a painful pain in the left side of my (no other word but) buttocks for years if I overworked I was put right down in bed for a day because it hurt to walk. Everyone said I probably had a pinched nerve. I went to a chiropractor, he worked on it and I felt good but he said I would have to come back for more treatments. I never got back and the pain went on until I started taking the Diatomaceous Earth. I was so busy worrying about my thumb that it took my husband to discover after a hard working Cub Scout event we were involved in to notice I didn't mention the pain after cleaning up I was ready to go out to dinner. He was surprised, I am usually down on the bed in pain and can't move for the rest of the night. When he brought it to my attention I too was surprised. After that when I work hard I may only have tinge of pain, if that, it is wonderful.

My husband 64 has heart disease with high blood pressure, he takes high blood pressure pills which only made it fluctuate, never took it down. He started taking it, now when he tests his blood pressure it is down and stable. We are hoping when he goes in for his six-month check-up that he will take him off those pills. Also that they will find his bad cholesterol down which it too was soaring high after an operation a year ago in May. His energy has soared, he said he feels like a twenty year old. He used to be so sluggish when he worked. We eat well, we drink filtered water (spring water). This is a good food supplement. The best.

P.S. Don't ever stop selling this wonderful food source. It's like the "fountain of youth".

In September 2001, I went to Croatia. I experienced extreme sleepiness during and after my trip. I thought I had contracted a parasite, since I was drinking the water and later found out the water was not that clean. It was the same sleepiness I had experienced on my trip to Russia and I figured I had contracted Giardia, a parasite common in Russia.

When I came home I began an aggressive herbal de-worming program, which is the same program I offered my clients. This program consisted of taking cloves, black walnut, wormwood combination and a product balled Rascal. I stayed on this treatment faithfully for three full weeks and even did higher dosages than was recommended in the directions. I figured I was relieved of any critters hanging on to my intestines. Right?

WRONG! Two months later I went to a clinic and had live blood cell analysis to determine my condition. I was shocked to discover parasites in the blood. How could this be? I was following a program that was offered by some of the top parasatologists in the country.

An angel came into my life recently. She was a client doing my supervised fasting retreat I offer in my residence. Bonnie GAVE me a container of Diatomaceous Earth and said "try it for you and your dogs". What have I got to lose but a few wigglies, right? Hopefully! Guess what? After only 5 days of taking the recommended dose I passed a 5 inch creature determined by lab analysis to be a round worm. Not me! Not beautiful, charming, squeaky clean diet Millan! Yes. I guess they are right when they say 90 to 95 percent of us have parasites and worms. You see, they are usually a-symptomatic, so you could have them for years and never know it!

Kari- Nebraska

I just got back from the Doctor and he could not believe how much my cholerterol had went down!! No drugs--did it all naturally!! The Doctor even wrote down Diatomaceous Earth so he could do some research on it. My high blood pressure was also down. I do not like to take any medication, so I was very excited about my "natural" results. Also--for the 1st time in years I have fingernails!!! I can't believe how fast and strong they are growing. My complexion has also cleared up. Never have had a really bad face, but always a zit here and there---but now----smooth!!! I also love the way it makes my teeth feel when I dip my toothbrush in it.

Joyce- Nebraska

I have been taking a tablespoon of Perma-Guard every day for the last 3 weeks and I have noticed the 2 dime size age spots on the right side of my face have disapearedl

Pam- Nebraska

A little over 4 years ago I was involved in a bad car accident. My head hit the windshield and I was in the hospital for several days. Even after countless tests and "suggestions" the medical field has not been able to give me any relief to my daily headaches. I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that this was something I would endure my whole life. 3 week ago I started taking Diatomaceous Earth. After the 1st week, I noticed my headaches were GONE!!! I don't know how it works---I don't even care---all I know is that I can go through the day now pain free. I was so excited that I took some over to my ageing mom and had her start taking it. I went back about a week later and the 1st thing she said to me was "listen to this" she breathed in a deep breath from her nose and then let it out through her nose. She was also very excited as she has had blocked sinus for years. She also noticed that the skin sores by her bra line on her back were gone. I then took some over to my daughter who has acne. Her face is better now than it ever has been. I am a believer in Diatomaceous Earth!!!

Terry- Nebraska

What I really notice is that the joints in my feet and knees do not hurt anymore---that is exciting---but what really has me amaized is that hair is starting to grow back on my bald spot!!! This stuff is GREAT!!!

Leann- Nebraska

I am a natural skeptic about "cure all" products like this, but was given a free jug of it if I would just try it. I suffer from arthritis all over my body and figured I had nothing to lose. After just 2 weeks of taking it every day, I am a believer!!! Not only do my joints not hurt anymore, but they have even stopped popping every time I bend them. I just generally feel better all over!! My Cholesterol has went from close to 500 down to 160!! I no longer take lipitor at all. I have gotten several of my co-workers taking Diatomaceous Earth now and they all love it also!!

Tom-Nebraska date, in addition to enhanced "regularity", the most noticeable effect, since I've been taking the DE, is a significant decrease in joint and/or muscle/ligament pain in and around the joints, including areas where I have arthritis.

Anne- Nebraska

I am a registered esthetician in Nebraska. I have been amazed at how DE improves the quality of skin. Both my sister and I have noticed hom much better our complexions are since using DE. I give out samples to all my clients to use as a cleanser---so far everyone really likes it!!


I have been taking DE for 3 weeks now. I had my blood pressure checked today and was very pleasently suprised how far down it was. I actually cannot remember the last time it was so low. My brother has high blood pressure also, I'll be sharing DE with him tomorrow!!

Russ-South Dakota

I've been taking DE for 4 weeks now and one of the things I have noticed is that it curbs my appetite. I have lost over 20 lbs!!! I also have my wife takeing DE and Her Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are both down. She also has severe headaches and has not had even one since DE. I am a smoker and have noticed I do not cough as much. I am convinced!!

Mrs Acklie--Nebraska

My arthritis in my back had gotten so bad, that when I got on the floor, I had to crawl over to a chair to pull myself back up. After 6 weeks of DE, I noticed I was feeling better, but was I pleasently suprised the other day when I was on the floor playing with my grandchild. He darted away and without realizing it, I jumped up and started chasing Him!! No Pain!! Thanks DE!!


Ist of all, my cholesterol is down---in fact, I cut my lipitor in half!! I introduced DE to my Sister and she loves it!! She says she just feels better! Last week She got the surprise of Her life. She has osteoporosis and gets her bone mass checked every few months. When she went in last week, her bone mass had actually increased!! She also noticed that all the age spots on her arm had disappeared.

Mrs. Jensen-Nebraska

I live on a farm and have to feed calves with a bottle. The arthritis in my hands had gotten so bad, that after feeding 3 calves, my hands hurt so bad I would literally cry!! After only 1 month of DE, I could feed all 7 or 8 calves without any pain!!