People, benefit the most from HealthSil!

"Silica is essential to animal health. Absence of silica results in bone and collagen abnormalities. Further, research on humans shows silica increases the thickness and strength of skin, diminishes wrinkles and gives hair and nails a healthier appearance. All of these benefits accrue without any apparent negative side effects."

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Pregnancy - Is it safe and how do you benefit?

Osteoporosis - Will HealthSil make a difference?

Arthritis - How have others been helped?

High Blood Pressure - Can HealthSil lower it?

Cholesterol - Does HealthSil brings balance?

Skin Problems - Atopic Eczema, scabies, acne, Lupus, Magellan

Skin Enhancement - Is it good for my skin, can it be used as a face mask or exfoliator?

Immune system - is it possible that HealthSil can boost the immune system?

Cardiovascular system - How does HealthSil improve this vital system?

Teeth and heavy metalsThe poison of mercury and amalgam…

Diabetes - what can be done to cure and control…

Lung Problems - The rebuilding part that HealthSil plays

Tinnitus - People who have experienced cures